• Nexus Projects

    As of 2016 we have helped plant 48 churches.  The first four of the projects listed below (2003-2005) were launched while the Claycomb’s were living in California and working in Texas through Stadia: new church strategies. The Claycomb’s moved to Texas in 2006 to launch Nexus and started launching the new churches listed below (2006-2013). Most of these projects are “daughter” churches – with Nexus and her partners coordinating the project, raising the funds, and hiring the church-planting leaders. Some of the projects are “orphans”… these are projects that started without our assistance but quickly came under the Nexus umbrella for Leader Care and limited partnership funding. Unfortunately, not all of our projects survive – we are currently seeing 80% of our projects both survive as well as give birth to their own daughter projects.  Our newest plant, Story Christian Church in Aubrey, Texas is a daughter of Ranchland Church (McKinney, Texas).

  • Brazos Christian Church

    Location: Burleson, TX
    Pastor: Jim Word
    Email: jimword1@sbcglobal.net
    Website: www.brazos.cc
    Launch Date: September 2003
    Project Partners: Stadia and several Christian Churches in the Dallas region launched Brazos. Nexus has been connecting with Brazos to provide coaching and training since 2006.

  • Creekside Christian Fellowship

    Location: Needville, TX
    Pastor: Greg Garcia
    Email: greg@nexus.us
    Website: www.creeksidefellowship.org
    Launch Date: November 2004
    Project Partners: Stadia provided coaching & training - the church planter raised all of the funding for this project from former churches, family and friends. Creekside's pastor - Greg Garcia - serves as Nexus' Associate Director in charge of coaching and recruitment.

  • Journey Christian Community

    Location: China Spring, TX
    Pastor: Landon Collard
    Email: landon@journeycs.org
    Website: www.journeychristiancommunity.org
    Launch Date: January 2005
    Project Partners: Stadia provided coaching & training - the church planter raised all of the funding for this project from family and friends. Nexus has been coaching and interacting with Journey since 2006... and the Journey staff has been consistently involved in helping launch new daughter churches throughout the region.

  • New Life Church

    Location: Odessa, TX
    Pastor: Tim Halstead
    Email: tim@newlifeodessa.org
    Website: www.newlifeodessa.org
    Launch Date: September 2005
    Project Partners: Golf Course Road Church of Christ, Church Planters of the Rockies, and Stadia provided coaching and training. This was the first project started in partnership between Church of Christ and Christian Church partners. Nexus works closely with New Life to plant new churches - New Life has assisted in launching 7 daughter churches.

  • Bridgeway Church

    Location: Copper Canyon, TX
    Pastor: Art McNeese
    Email: art@bwchurch.org
    Website: www.bridgewaychurchonline.org
    Launch Date: January 2006
    Project Partners: The Hills Church (Richland Hills TX); Stadia coordinated the coaching & training.

  • Paseo Christian Church

    Location: El Paso, TX
    Pastor: Greg Hunt
    Email: greg@paseochristian.com
    Website: www.paseochristian.com
    Launch Date: February 2007
    Project Partners: Christian Church Starters of New Mexico; Nexus; Bridgeway Church (Copper Canyon TX) and New Life Church (Odessa TX).

  • Gateway Church

    Location: Benton, AR
    Pastor: Jeff Medders
    Email: jeff@salinegateway.org
    Website: www.salinegateway.org
    Launch Date: April 2007
    Project Partners: Little Rock Church (Little Rock AR); Nexus coordinated the coaching and training.

  • Iglesia de Cristo un lugar de Gracia

    Location: Arlington, TX
    Pastor: Juan Carlos Bautista
    Email: bautista_carlosm@yahoo.com
    Launch Date: October 2009
    Project Partners: Golf Course Road Church of Christ (Midland TX); Duncanville Church of Christ (Duncanville TX); Mission Alive; The Genesis Alliance; and Nexus