Nexus helps coordinate and finance internships in new churchs for college students. Contact us for more information.

Coaching & Mentoring:

Nexus provides supplemental coaching and mentoring for church-planting leaders who are going it alone. Contact us for more information.


(See Upcoming Events for more details on dates)

Art of the Start

The Art of the Start is an interactive workshop experience that takes you from Dream to Design. The training is for entrepreneurial leaders who are obsessed with a dream. Let us help you learn the ART of launching a new vision.

  • A – Articulate your vision, values, and ministry dream
  • R – Raise your prayer team, financial support, and leadership teams
  • T – Train your leaders and teams for missional outreach.

Since 2001, Nexus Director, Dr Phil Claycomb, has provided Art of the Start training to hundreds of church-planting teams. Many established church leadership teams also discovered that the training has helped them re-formulate and invigorate their vision.

Who should attend? Church planters, spouses, coaches and team members… anyone helping launch a new church; transformational leaders of existing congregations who want to re-design and re-develop existing ministries for greater growth and multiplication; and Leaders who want to explore the possibilities of church planting.

ThinkNEXT Workshops

Once we arrive at our current situation we immediately face a moment of danger. Will we succeed in the next set of challenges or will we fall by the wayside? Progress requires we do a strange thing: throw out much of the knowledge and behaviors that got us where we are, and grow toward the next level. If we don’t, we’re heading for disaster. This is true of individuals as well as institutions.

The key is learning to ThinkNEXT!

These one-day workshops help participants learn to anticipate the changes that are coming at us – Next. Too many times we choose to ThinkPAST, and struggle in our current challenges because we rely on skills and behaviors that served us well in the past. Other times we struggle because we get caught up in the urgency of the present… we plateau because we choose to ThinkNOW. This workshop will encourage individuals, leaders, and church families to ThinkNEXT!


Nexus highly values community – and we work hard to keep church planters from going it alone! We host small regional Clusters several times each year – wherever our church planters are found. And we also host large group Huddles for our entire team. We gather our entire roster of church planters at least 3 times each year.

  • Early Spring (February): we target a spiritual or ministerial formation topic at our early Spring Huddle in Midland TX.
  • Late Spring (April): we gather our leaders at the Exponential Convention in Orlando. We provide housing and meals for 25+ of our leaders at Exponential.
  • Fall (October): we target a strategic church-planting leadership topic at our Fall Huddle in the Dallas area.

Family Reunion:

Thanks to the generous donation of a supporter we are able to take our entire Nexus network of church-planting families on a 4 day retreat.

  • Dates:  June 9-12, 2016
  • Location: TBD

Nexus and Golf Course Road Church of Christ are covering the costs of your stay while as well as many of the meals. Our agenda is simple: come have fun with your family. Get to know the other church-planting families. Let your spouse find out that you’re not the only weird guy out there! Let your kids meet and forge friendships with other church-planting kids. We’ll have church together on Sunday, and we’ll eat together – but we’re NOT going to let this become a workshop. The Family Reunion is a time for fun and fellowship.

For more information contact Barb Claycomb (the mastermind behind this event) at


This two-day workshop is for leaders of regional church-planting ministries, churches, or organizations. The training event is sponsored by Nexus each February and October, and is designed to allow regional leaders informal time to share best practices and insights related to leading regional efforts. In addition to the informal time for sharing and collaborative learning the NextSTEPS retreat also highlights a key topic for discussion and implementation.

Seminary Courses:

Phil Claycomb, the Nexus Director, serves as a visiting professor at Cincinnati Christian University, teaching courses in church planting, church growth, spiritual formation and leadership. CCU offers a Master of Arts degree in the specialized fields of Church Planting & Church Growth. You might take these courses for Audit, or you might elect to start a Master’s program through CCU. The courses Phil currently offers through CCU include:

  • Strategies for Church Planting
  • The Church in Transition
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Leadership and Management for Ministry
  • Creative Evangelism & Community Outreach
  • Case Studies in Church Planting
  • Seminar in Church Planting
  • Biblical and Contemporary Dynamics of Church Development
  • Characteristics of a Healthy Church

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