• Dr. Philip Claycomb

    Executive Director

    Phil and Barb started their first church straight out of seminary and consider themselves missionaries to the North American continent. Their first assignment was to “start a church for unchurched people using only unchurched people to do it.” It was an exciting ride… The Claycomb’s stayed in hands-on church planting for 13 years, planting 2 churches which each planted a daughter church. In 2001 Phil and Barb transitioned into a coaching and training role, helping other church planters pursue their own callings. Phil worked with Stadia: new church strategies from 2001-2005. The Claycomb’s moved to Texas in 2006 and launched Nexus: church planting leadership. Phil and Barb enjoying working together to support church-planting couple’s and families.

  • Barb Claycomb

    Executive Assistant

    I officially joined Nexus in June 2012 as the Executive Assistant to try and give some structure and order to the Nexus team.  I know –good luck with that!  Prior to starting with Nexus, I worked as an Administrative Assistant for a CPA, life insurance company, and research and development facility.  I then spent 13 years as an Elementary teacher – primarily in Kindergarten and First Grade, so I have lots of experiences organizing, mothering, and cleaning-up messes.  In all seriousness, I am excited to again be working alongside Phil in ministry.

  • Greg Garcia

    Associate Director

    Greg and Karen Garcia serve Creekside Christian Fellowship, in Needville TX, a church founded by the Garcia’s in 2005. Greg has never been more than ½ time with his congregation, guiding them through rapid growth and its attendant challenges. Greg spends the other half of his time interviewing prospective church planters for Nexus, and leading Nexus’ coaching system.

  • Rowlie Hutton

    Associate Director

    Rowlie and Suzette Hutton serve Kingsway Christian Church, in Omaha NE. Rowlie is a seasoned minister, having served effectively in several churches. Rowlie also served a term in the Montana state senate. Rowlie works ¼ time with Nexus, helping recruit church planters and partners for projects, and mentoring emerging leaders. Rowlie also leads The 1:8 Network (a Nexus network of churches in Nebraska.)

  • Dan Converse

    Special Assistant to the Director

    Dan and Peggy Converse have a long record of service in church planting initiatives. Dan served in a variety of roles with the Northern California Evangelistic Association – which later becameStadia: church planting strategies. Dan coaches emerging church-planting network leaders and guides church planters through the establishment of their legal and financial systems. Dan also assists the Executive Director with strategic initiatives.